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What We Do

AiVA is a deep-tech startup focused on creating A.I. solutions that help clients monetize their CCTV infrastructure by unlocking data that is collected but never used.

Enterprises like Retail chains, commercial spaces and public spaces spend hundreds of thousands of Euros in setting up CCTV infrastructure that monitors and records data 24×7. However, less than 0.01% of this data is used by these enterprises. AiVA unlocks the potential of this data by plugging into existing infrastructure and helping clients monetize this by increasing sales and/or reducing costs and theft.

Our Solutions

Queue Length Monitoring

Monitor Queue-Lengths at checkout counters in real-time to increase revenue throughput and reduce customer waiting time.

Reduce Shrinkage at checkout counters

Reduce shrinkage at self-checkout counters by monitoring them in real-time.

Understand Customers and their in-store Behaviour

Get a demographic profile of your customers as they walk in and understand how they behave in your premises.

How it Works

AiVA’s A.I. lives in a plug&play Perception Device that integrates with existing CCTV infrastructure and extracts data based on what it “sees” through the cameras in real-time. The video data itself remains untouched. The A.I. sends its observations to the cloud while keeping the data GDPR compliant. Clients can access their data in real-time on the cloud and can view customized visualizations that help in better decision-making.



AiVA is proud to be part of NVIDIA’s Inception program. NVIDIA Inception allows AiVA to leverage NVIDIA’s hardware and software platforms to develop advanced A.I. frameworks for human behavior analytics. The program also offers AiVA the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other A.I.-driven organizations. AiVA is pushing the technological envelope to make adopting A.I. easier for our clients. This translates to some interesting challenges which we can address through our access to NVIDIA’s expertise as part of the NVIDIA Inception program. The focus is not just to create cutting edge A.I.s but also to bring them to life.

Meet the Team

Pushkar Chatterji

Pushkar Chatterji

C.E.O. and Founder

Pushkar is the founder and C.E.O. of AiVA. He has been instrumental in starting and growing businesses in Romania and Sweden before starting AiVA and has worked in Investment Banking. He is passionate about seeing things as they can be and asking ‘why not?’.                                                                                                           

Emmett King

Emmett King

Board Member, Head of Business Development

Emmett is responsible for Business Development at AiVA. He is also a serial entrepreneur and a founding member of Transilvania Angels Network. He is deeply connected with Tech and is the COO of a publicly traded IT company. Emmett is driven by his interest in using technology to solve business problems.

Smaranda Ignat

Smaranda Ignat

Board Member

Smaranda is an Innovation Strategist and Member of the Board at AiVA. She is also the co-founder of PropTech Romania and has significant experience in Management Consulting, Project Management and Innovation. She likes challenging the status-quo and finding solutions to challenging problems.                             

Alexandru Cocîndă

Alexandru Cocîndă

Head of Development

Alex is the Head of Development at AiVA and is responsible for all Software and Hardware architecture(s). He is an avid developer and has experience in IoT, A.I., Cloud Infrastructure. In his spare time he loves tinkering with IoT devices and tweaking his Vim setup.                                                                            

Sergiu Dahon

Sergiu Dahon

Business Development & Client Engagement

Sergiu is responsible for Client Engagements at AiVA. With significant experience in Research, Consulting and A.I., Sergiu brings it together with his people skills. He is a History buff and enjoys drawing parallels to today’s world. 

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