Everything is moving so fast nowadays when it comes to technology and companies have to stay connected to the trends in order to keep up the pace with the industry. No matter the area of activity, every company has to stay connected to the evolution of technology. Even sports have changed due to the technology options that can be used today. So there is no wonder that other businesses, such as retail stores or shopping centers are under the great influence of technology. But in order to understand how things are expected to move forward during 2021, here are the 3 most relevant technology trends to keep an eye on throughout the second half of this year.

Artificial Intelligence

The term A.I. is not something completely new, if you are interested in the progress of technology. Artificial Intelligence has been an important topic of discussion all over the world during the past decade, but now it is, more than ever, included in the daily processes of companies all over the world. The great advantages provided by A.I. consist in image and voice recognition, consumer behavior analysis and crowd management. Especially during a pandemic such as the one that we are experiencing now, being helped around these areas is fantastic for retail stores and shopping centers. 

That is because crowds have to be managed better than ever. Human contact has been restricted to a bare minimum and it is very important for shop managers to use A.I. in order to understand their customers better and to manage queues more efficiently. A.I. will continue to be used in order to make connections, to analyze and predict behavior and to prepare better in order to enhance personalized experiences and to create safer places for customers. It is no wonder that the A.I. market is expected to grow to almost $200 billion by 2025. The A.I. solutions that AiVA is producing are great tools in order to avoid queues being formed in big shopping centers, to reduce shrinkage at checkout counters and to understand in a better way everything about customers behavior. 

Virtual reality

Another technology trend that has been around for the past few years is V.R., or Virtual Reality. Specially combined with A.R. or Augmented Reality, this technology is not only being used for gaming anymore. V.R. and A.R. can now be used in order to train people more efficiently. Especially since many events and places such as museums or theme parks cannot be accessed anymore like in the past, V.R. and A.R. can come in very handy in order to create an enhanced experience for the customer. Companies and people from all over the world are already showing interest in V.R. and A.R. solutions and this trend should continue to develop in 2021, as the pandemic restrictions are not to be removed completely in the near future. Just like A.I., the V.R. and A.R. market is expected to grow to almost $210 billion by 2022.

Cyber security

Another domain that has been impacted by the pandemic is cyber security. As more and more companies were forced to develop their online presence, attacks started to intensify, so by the end of 2020 measures had to be taken. Security has to be adapted to the way hackers are acting and the pandemic caused a big increase in the number of attacks. Hence, cyber security techonologies are evolving at a faster pace than usual and it is expected that $6 trillion will be spent by the end of 2021, globally, on cyber security. 

So there you have it! These are the 3 most interesting technology trends for H2 of 2021. A.I., V.R. and A.R., as well as cyber security are expected to continue their development and to influence and better our world.