AiVA is proud to have been nominated in the 100 A.I. startups: Mapping the Romanian Landscape Report, put together by Techcelerator, the investment partner for early-stage startups in SEE. The report features more than 100 A.I. startups founded in Romania or with Romanian founders.

With the adoption of A.I. technologies expected to grow across many industries, “having a clear view of the landscape and reaching the startups that develop AI or using AI algorithms in their core activity is the very first step in driving A.I. adoption.”

The report maps young companies in many fields of expertise: finance & insurance, cybersecurity, healthcare, mobility & logistics, retail & ecommerce, marketing & advertising, enterprise tech, emerging verticals and industry agnostic.

The specialists who analyzed the current Romanian market identified not only over 100+ A.I. startups working hard to succeed regionally or internationally, but also some well-established tech companies that recently developed A.I. and machine learning solutions.

It has also been established that start-up projects including A.I. at any level can offer an important competitive advantage, while the biggest challenge is to transforms these “projects” into businesses and later into sustainable companies.

AiVA has been included in the 8 Retail & eCommerce projects in Romania, as being “a deep-tech startup focused on creating A.I. solutions that help retail clients monetize their CCTV infrastructure by unlocking data that is collected but never used.”

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