Artificial intelligence is a tool that’s increasingly used by companies to streamline the work they do. A.I. is the future because intelligent and automated machine systems can do the same thing as humans, while offering a higher degree of efficiency and without breaks. This is why human progress has been fueled by the development of tools and technology that augment and enhance our natural capabilities. Something that poses an interesting question is whether artificial intelligence is a new step for humanity or not. Of course, we can’t do justice to this very extensive topic over the length of a single article, but let’s make a start.

A.I. is considered as the next step in human evolution because a lot of experts state that the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade, while others have concerns about how advances in A.I. will affect what it means to be human. What we believe and stress on is the use of A.I. to support and augment human cognition.  “Smart” systems in business and industry – in vehicles, in buildings and utilities, on farms and in business processes – will save a lot of time, money and lives, thus offering opportunities for us humans to enjoy a tailor-made future.

A.I. changes its structure with every iteration and creates an increasingly efficient system through which it can perform actions with greater precision and speed. Economics and politics are both driven by technology. It is an integral part of the way society functions. Our history, culture, and traditions are all so closely intertwined with technology and who we are as a species. However, one part of humankind that technology hasn’t yet significantly affected is human cognition. And this is where the element of fear creeps in. Will A.I. completely replace human activity in the future? Quite honestly, the wildly-futuristic and far-fetched notions suggested by the entertainment industry hasn’t made things easier. While A.I. may dramatically change how something is done and who does it, the true impact of the A.I. revolution will be in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them. The fact is, the A.I. revolution will help human-life with its evolution and success!

At present, artificial intelligence is an extremely important tool of daily life. It is widely used across industries such as agriculture, aviation, education, computer science, finance, medical care and government. But more than this, A.I. is the next step in human evolution . What comes naturally to us humans, such as empathy, humor or sarcasm, is difficult for machines. On the other hand, while analyzing terabytes of data in a flash is a simple matter for those same machines, is an impossibility for the human mind. In our ever changing world, matters pertaining to business, education, industry, space exploration, quantum physics and medicine are all going to need to be at the highest levels of both types of capabilities. The A.I. revolution is poised to throw open such a world of possibilities for us. It’s an exciting time in human history!