Artificial intelligence is a tool used by more and more companies in the current century. It has many benefits, which help increase the productivity of services offered by different companies. A.I. is the method by which a computer is able to act on data through statistical analysis, enabling it to understand and learn from data through specifically designed algorithms and this is an automated process. To better understand what artificial intelligence entails, we will provide some important examples of how it is successfully integrated into everyday life.

A.I. in Maps and Navigation

A.I. has improved traveling with a navigation application. Instead of relying on printed maps you can now use Waze or Google Maps, or Apple Maps on your phone and type in your final destination. This application works like this: it helps you discover more information about the most suitable route, depending on the traffic congestion and this offers a much more enhanced experience. Using machine learning, the algorithms remember the edges of the buildings that it has learned, which allows for better visuals on the map, and recognition and understanding of house and building numbers.

A.I. in Facial Detection and Recognition

Today’s smartphones use a unique method of unlocking, which was not possible 10 years ago. Unlocking based on facial features helps to scan all features based on artificial intelligence that exercises its power. Also, facial recognition is also used for security by government facilities and at airports. This helps people save a little more time, which is also an extremely effective method.

A.I. in Text Editors or Autocorrect

A.I. algorithms use machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to identify incorrect usage of language and suggest corrections in word processors, texting apps, and every other written medium. Linguists and computer scientists work together to teach grammar machines, just like you were taught at school, to improve this program. The algorithms are taught through high-quality language data so when you use a comma incorrectly, the editor will find it.

A.I. for recommendations system

Whenever you access Netflix, YouTube or Spotify platform, their recommendations systems strive to help you find a show, music, video or movie to enjoy with minimal effort. With A.I., these platforms can estimate likelihood that you will watch a particular title, music or video based on a number of factors including:

  • your interactions with some services (such as your viewing history and how you rated other titles,
  • information about the titles, such as their genre, categories, actors, release year, etc., and
  • information about the time of day you watched, the devices you are watching/ listening on, and how long you watched something.

Due to these examples above we have discovered that A.I. is very active in our lives. This makes us grateful that technology helps us improve our daily lives.