Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way customers interact with brands and products. The shopping experience has improved thanks to this tool being used in the retail industry. This is the main reason why business looks significantly different today than it did just a few years ago. First of all, customer experience refers to the overall experience a customer has with a retailer, based on their interactions with and their thoughts about that retailer. It is amazing how the rapid innovations are capturing the world’s imagination for how A.I. can transform the way we live, act and work everyday. It is very important to understand the customer’s perception about this subject.

Based on a survey in which people had to answer the question: How comfortable are you/would you be with a business using A.I. to interact with you? 35% of respondents feel comfortable when it comes to this topic and understand that technology has evolved in order to facilitate and improve their work. 28% of respondents do not feel comfortable because they aren’t well informed about this topic and are not interested. However, the largest number of respondents, 37%, did not choose either option and preferred not to express their opinion about the question. This is caused by the phenomenon of non-involvement generated by the sheer amount of information to which people are exposed to on a daily basis and they don’t know which to select as general truth.

Furthermore, it is very interesting to note the responses, thoughts and fears of consumers who face the A.I. experience on a daily basis. 33% of people believe that “artificial intelligence will never be able to understand me as well as a human being”, meanwhile, 22% think about “the rise of the robots and enslavement of humanity” and 10% are “finding that I get on better with A.I. than I do with my friends and family”. However, 28% of respondents prefer not to have an opinion and answer “None of the above / nothing” to the question Which of the following scares you most about the use of A.I. in society?

In conclusion, consumers’ perception of A.I. is an interesting topic. Their perception differs a lot, depending on the factors to which they are exposed daily and the level of knowledge they have about this topic. However, retailers should conduct such feedback surveys to see the degree of understanding and acceptance of A.I. for consumers and, based on these reports, to improve their services.