There are certainly very few people on Earth who have not already heard of Artificial Intelligence. We meet this in many activities that we undertake daily and in which A.I. has an important role. But there is an e-commerce component that helps expand and improve technology. In this article, we share powerful and practical ways that retail businesses are using A.I. in the world of online and offline shopping.

Nowadays, it is considered that approximately 33% of our potential customers are not targeted by companies, which leads to a loss. This means that pre-qualified potential buyers interested in your product or service, fall through the inevitable cracks. Facial recognition now has new uses, through the development of technology and how it can be used. Some retailers are now using heatmaps to capture customer dwell times in the physical store. For example, if a person spends a lot of time in the store analyzing a Samsung TV, this data can be used later. As A.I. develops, we anticipate special offers on customers’ computer screens based on their in-store dwell time.

All of us need a little help sometimes! We are all already used to talking daily with Google Assistant, Siri from Apple, or Alexa from Amazon. These systems use integrated A.I. in all daily activities and manage to be truly in front of any program. The advances for virtual assistants are rooted in natural language processing and the machine’s ability to interpret what people are saying in words or texts. For the e-commerce retailer this has a major impact because, through the voice commands of customers to these virtual assistants, they can order flowers, buy pizza or choose a pair of pants. All this only through voice commands received from the buyer to the virtual assistant using A.I.. This is the main reason why virtual assistants are impacting the way customers purchase and provide a creative opportunity for e-commerce retailers.

The personal shopping experience is definitely improved. An example is the Starbucks coffee shops that have an A.I.-based system through which customers can order their favorite drink only by voice command. The program is called ‘My Starbucks Barista’ and is really appreciated by everyone. Also, the algorithm leverages a variety of inputs, including account information, customer preferences, purchase history, and contextual behavior. 

A.I. is a current topic, in full development, gaining more and more traction. Who knows how to make the most of all their abilities, will succeed.