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According to research, retailers are losing a collective $37.7 billion in potential sales due to long checkout lines.

AiVA’s A.I. helps clients monitor queue-lengths at checkout counters in real-time by connecting to existing CCTVs monitoring the checkout counters. Clients can set customized queue-length limits for each checkout counter and our A.I. will trigger an alert as soon as that limit is reached.

Our A.I. also learns as it spends time monitoring each checkout counter and is able to predict the expected load of customers at each checkout counter, helping Clients manage staffing over time.

AiVA’s A.I. helps Clients increase revenue throughput and improve customer experience!


Retailers lose between 1.3% and 1.5% of annual revenues to no-scan (shrinkage) events at self-checkout counters.

AiVA’s A.I. helps Clients monitor self-checkout counters in real-time by connecting to existing CCTVs monitoring these counters. Our A.I. validates if customers have scanned all the items in their shopping cart at self-ckeckout counters.

Our A.I. helps Clients minimise revenue loss!

Customer Behaviour &


AiVA’s A.I. allows Retailers to not just get a real-time count of the number of customers walking into their stores but also a profile of who they are (men, women, young mothers). In addition, Retailers can also understand their customer’s in-store behavior by looking at heatmaps of how long customers spend in different parts of their stores.

Our A.I. extracts this information while being GDPR compliant and does not capture any personal or personally identifiable information about individual customers.

AiVA’s A.I. helps Clients increase their understanding of their customer’s profile and helps optimize in-store layouts!